Historically women have used herbs as food, medicine, clothing and shelter to care for themselves and families. In a time where medical care was not easy to come by botanicals were passed down from generation to generation. In our present day we have come far away from this knowledge to help oneself. Modern medicine definitely has it's place, though we are finding ourselves unable to stay healthy minus the side effects of these overused medicines. Let me teach you  about simple yet powerful botanical's that can have a profound shift on your well being!
During these sessions we will figure out which botanical's would best suit your needs. The first session will usually run 45 minutes to an hour. I recommend the first session be in person. 

Thereafter we will have weekly checkin's to analyze progress and reassess if need be.

My goal is to empower women with the knowledge of caring for yourself and your family.

1st session - $120/90 minutes  

During your first session we will carefully examine your current health situation, create goals and establish a plan to help you achieve a more healthy you.

Follow up sessions - $60.00/hour. 

 You can schedule your appointments by text, phone, or email.