As a Womb Woman, I share an intimate relationship with my body. I experienced energetic stirrings, remembrances during my womb massage with Elizabeth. The sensation was of being transported to a space of deep love and wisdom -  as though immersed into the Void itself. Physically I felt my womb expand, soften, to her touch, to the healing channeling through Elizabeth's hands and energy. Our time was exquisite. My entire being melted into her space, her care, her table. Very Grateful!

                                                                                                   Jacqueline L. Robinson 

After using Mamma Bizz's products and doing a steam, my cycles have improved and been so much easier.  Prior to doing a Yoni steam, I used to have long 7 day cycles, and they usually accompanied bloating and discomfort in my back.  After steaming, I had no symptoms and my cycle was only 4 days!  It was so much more pleasurable to have and move through my cycle. Thank you Mamma Bizz, and I look forward to doing more steams and other products. 

                                                                                                 Brigitte Rossi

I saw Elizabeth a couple months ago when my husband and I were struggling to get pregnant. I was diagnosed with a small uterine polyp. The doctor said that I could have it surgically removed to increase my changes of getting pregnant, but she said there was no way to confirm that the polyp was actually hindering my chances. Due to the fact that the polyp was so small I decided to not move forward with the surgery. Instead I visited Elizabeth for a fertility massage. I ended up getting pregnant that cycle. She also recommended various herbal teas and supplements to take to help increase my fertility. A couple weeks before my positive pregnancy test I passed what I believe was the polyp. She helped to detoxify my system to make room for a healthy pregnancy. Sadly, due to genetic abnormalities, I lost that baby at 10 weeks. Elizabeth also helped me through this sad journey. She again recommended various herbal teas and supplements to help clean out my body and I will be seeing her for a yoni steam session to continue my cleanse and hopefully try for another baby sometime in the near future. I can't recommend her enough. She has truly helped me through some of the hardest and most frustrating times in my life. She has been an enormous help to me on my journey to living a healthier and more holistic lifestyle.
                                                                                                                      Lina Lauderdale