Prenatal Massage

Massage is a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care. This is a side lying massage with specific attention to hips, low back, feet and other common pregnancy issues.

60 Minutes $80.00

90 Minutes $100.00

Fertility Massage

Bringing together principals of cranio sacral, acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy  therapeutic massage, and castor oil packs. This service can improve circulation through the pelvis, break up pelvic adhesions and congestion, stress reduction,cleans the digestive system, balance hormones through reflexology points. This treatment can increase ability to conceive by balancing energetic and physical components of the body. You will also receive coaching on Ovulation timing, nutritional education, and learn how to implement these techniques at home with your partner.This service has had amazing results for many, and has the potential to help with a myriad of imbalances posing a challenge when trying to conceive or

experiencing issues with your womb.


For best results, book during the second week of your cycle if a cycle is present. Not during ovulation. Monthly sessions for 6-12 months achieve the best results.


90 Minutes $125

Series of 6 $675

Custom Massage


Relaxing yet therapeutic, We combine techniques for specific needs.



30 Minutes $45

60 Minutes $75

90 Minutes $105


Herbal Yoni Steam



A Yoni Steam is a warm, herbal steam for your vagina. Your vagina’s tissues are very porous and allow the healing properties of the herbs to permeate. This has been known to increases circulation, detoxify, and tone the uterus. Yoni steaming is said to help maintain homeostasis. Yoni steaming has a long historical tradition, and is used and respected by healers, midwives, and doulas in many cultures to this day.


45 Minute Session $45

Womb Castor Oil

Herb infused castor oil is used on your lower belly region and covered with a wool cloth. This has been said to aids in normal bowel activity, helps break up scar tissue, detoxes liver, urinary tract, and gallbladder.


Castor oil has been known to help with cramps, fertility issues, and other female reproductive issues.


Castor Oil Session $30


Therapeutic Essential Oil Massage


This delightful massage stimulates all the systems in your body on a physical and emotional

level. The oils used are only pure, therapeutic grade oils. This therapy can help to, reduce pain, relieve stress, relax muscles, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and and improves immune function.


60 Minutes $75.00

Custom Made Essential Oil Blend

We will create an essential oil blend to meet your needs. This blend will be put into a roller ball

for easy use.


$8.00 - $20.00

Price may flux a small bit depending on the price of the oils used in the blend.



Private Events


We do offer private spa parties, well being classes, natural lifestyle classes, & using herbal

medicine classes. Depending on what you are looking for price may vary.

Please inquire for more details.