Goddess Wellness Coaching

Love your Life – 3 month transformative coaching plan

This plan is an overall well being option for those seeking assistance with finding balance and well being.


This empowering, completely individualized program includes:

1. A Comprehensive Wellness Assessment

This is a wonderful assessment I make available for you.

It addresses seven categories of health & well being:


Life Satisfaction

Energy Level

Stress Management

Life Balance



& General Health Management


… as well as the importance of these areas to you at this point in time

your readiness right now to make any changes and

your confidence right now to do so.


Giving thought to the importance, readiness and confidence you feel when taking on goal setting is what can make all the difference in the world for how lasting, meaningful and successful your choices and changes are.

You can fill this assessment out prior to your 1st coaching session.


2. Thirteen Powerful Weekly Check-in/Coaching Sessions

We’ll typically have our coaching session via PHONE.

On-line sessions are also a possibility via  skype, video or voice chatting through facebook.


This convenient format offers you the opportunity for focused & powerful sessions from the comfort of your own home or office – without the extra time or stress needed to travel for an appointment.  


Our First Session will be about Visioning & Goal Planning – 90 minutes

During your first session, we’ll spend time uncovering what you want to focus on as well as key things that are motivating you, your priorities, and the strengths and successes you can build on as you begin to move forward. You’ll create a personal wellness vision that puts you in touch with who you are, what you value, and the life you are inspired to keep moving toward. Then we’ll begin the important work of translating your compelling vision into concrete, reachable goals – including very specific, inspiring first steps to begin taking on that first week.


Weekly Coaching Sessions – 45-60 minutes

Each week we’ll check in about your goals – what working, what’s not, how you can re-frame and maneuver through set-backs and how you can leverage and learn from the weekly experiences you’re having so you can stay motivated and on track. During our weekly calls we’ll have coaching time to brainstorm ideas & solutions in areas you’re feeling stuck. And with my help you’ll learn how to set VERY specific goals for each upcoming week so you can keep moving forward.


During your sessions I’ll be taking notes, capturing and writing up your vision and goals for you so that you can be completely immersed and present in your coaching process.


After each weekly phone call you’ll receive encouraging and action-oriented follow-up emails from me, including your goals written out in detail, to support and move you through your week.


3. Unlimited On-line Communication (email) & Support 

You can email me anytime during the three months.

4. The Consistent & Big-picture Coaching Support you Need

to stay on track & notice the changes happening. Half way through the three month process we’ll take some specific time to re-visit the wellness vision you started with. We’ll re-connect with the 3 month goals you planned out – re-evaluate, re-frame if needed, get re-inspired. Throughout the process you’ll be able to keep checking in with yourself and notice changes becoming part of your everyday life.


5. Guidance for how to Continue on Your Own

As we move through our coaching work together, you’ll find yourself more able to access your own clarity. You’ll begin internalizing how to Live from Your Center – knowing which intentions and goals matter to you AND understanding how to translate them into the do-able steps and strategies that work for you.




Payment Plan for the 3 Month Wellness Coaching Package

3 Monthly Payments of $435

A full payment option is also available with a $100 discount.


Credit cards, checks and PayPal are accepted.


(Includes: your comprehensive, personal Wellness Assessment, 90 minute Wellness Vision session, twelve 45-60 minute weekly sessions, unlimited email between sessions, resources, comprehensive email follow-up & support from your coach.)